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Prof. GEORGE WAJACKOYAH of the Roots Party, according to MUTUA, will force a run-off in August.


Prof George Wajackoyah, a presidential candidate for the Roots Party, is one of four presidential candidates who have been allowed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to run in the August election.

Prof Wajackoyah, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto, and Agano party candidate David Mwaure are four of the four contenders who indicated interest in the presidency in August.

Though political experts and analysts have described the election as a two-horse race between Raila and Ruto, Wajackoyah’s participation appears to have shifted the presidential contest’s trajectory.

Prof Wajackoyah, according to Music Copyright Society CEO Ezekiel Mutua, may demand a run-off because he is backed by youths who embrace his platform of legalizing marijuana usage and large-scale pot farming.

“It may sound crazy, but Prof. Wajackoyah is going to force a rerun. Last night, I sat down with a bunch of young people and was taken aback by the passionate discussion about why they like the guy. If the conversations are to be believed, Wajackoyah will receive over 1 million votes, which will be a game-changer! ā€¯Mutua said

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