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As they demand their pay after being hired to fill the demonstration, boda boda riders in Mandera expose RUTO’s “fake” rally – See!


On Wednesday, the Kenya Kwanza alliance army, led by Deputy President William Ruto, swept across the North-Eastern area to spread his bottom-up economic model-based platform.

Throughout his week-long visit to the area, Ruto held a number of political gatherings and economic seminars.

Thousands of locals, including vegetable sellers and Boda Boda riders—who make up the majority of the hustler movement—showed up during William Ruto’s visit.

The bulk of the villagers were encouraged to attend in order to give the impression that the DP is more well-liked than his bitter adversary Raila Odinga, even though some turned to hear what Ruto had in store for them.

The local Boda Boda drivers who were supposedly promised money for attending William Ruto’s rallies were among those who showed up.

The riders now assert that they have not yet received their promised token because the event finished last week.

On Friday of last week, the group protested in the streets as they marched to the Mandera Police Station to report a failed transaction.

Some United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leaders from the area, according to the riders, vanished with their dues.



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