As academic dwarf JOHNSON SAKAJA’s sinister history returns to haunt him, MARY WAMBUI is a happy woman. See what he did to her in 2019.


Due to his dubious degree qualification, which is required for him to run for governor of Nairobi, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja is a man under attack.

Sakaja, who asserts to have graduated from Team University in Uganda, has received at least four petitions from the University of Nairobi (UoN) in the past week, all of which indicate that he has not yet received his diploma.

Sakaja has further complicated matters by refusing to present evidence that he paid tuition at Team University in Uganda, claiming that the petition was malicious and meant to tarnish his reputation.

One woman is enjoying the entire show in all of these situations after Sakaja denied her a State position due to her lack of a degree.

Former Othaya MP Mary Wambui was appointed and gazetted as the Chairperson of the National Employment Authority (NEA) in 2019 by the then-Labor Cabinet Secretary, Ukur Yatani.

However, Sakaja, the chair of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association, filed a lawsuit against the appointment, claiming the former member lacked a degree.

Since NEA was founded as a result of a Bill he had introduced in Parliament while serving as an MP, the Senator was then invested in the organization’s leadership.

I’ve also told my attorneys and those of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association to submit a petition this morning (Thursday) to challenge this appointment.

In October 2019, Sakaja stated to the press, “The respondents of this suit are the Cabinet Secretary of Labour, the Attorney General, and Ms. Wambui”)

Immediately, Wambui’s appointment was suspended by the Employment Court until the petition was heard and determined.

She later lost the lucrative government due to Sakaja and lack of proper academic qualifications.


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