‘I could feel the shocks in my body, but that didn’t stop me,’ says a 20-year-old guy who risked his life to save a man who was electrocuted by a train track.


    After leaping into action to save the life of a man who fell on the subway’s lethal electrified rail, a 20-year-old Chicago man has been awarded a car.

    After collapsing on the electric rail track, a man who had allegedly been in a brawl was fighting for his life.

    When Anthony Perry noticed the suffering man shortly after exiting a train on Sunday, June 5, he was presented with a choice: stay and watch him die or help… Despite the danger of getting electrified, Perry went to remove the man from the train racks.

    Perry performed CPR on the man with the assistance of another witness.

    At 3:30 p.m., the event occurred at the 69th Street Red Line CTA station in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing area.

    According to the Chicago police department, the individual is presently receiving treatment and will make a full recovery.

    Anthony Perry was honored by a local community leader on Wednesday, June 8, who presented him with a new automobile in recognition of his bravery.

    Perry described the moment he saved the man’s life to WGN TV:

    ‘I don’t believe I was considering what would happen to me at the time.’ It was more of a question of what I needed to do to bring the matter to a peaceful conclusion. I was a little taken aback. I felt it all over my body, and I simply didn’t allow it get to me.

    ‘No one did anything, they just wanted to capture it,’ says the narrator.

    The man’s body pulsates as 600 volts of electricity runs through him, according to the disturbing video.

    According to Fox Chicago, Perry said:

    ‘She was advising me on what to do.’ That felt like an angel from God to me. ‘Until the fire crew arrived, I did chest compressions and turned him on his side.’

    Tavi Ghee, the event’s videographer, told ABC Chicago, ‘It was absolutely strange.’ ‘It was an out-of-body experience,’ says the narrator.

    ‘I immediately recognized there was a fight because both guys got their dukes up – they were like putting their stuff down,’ Perry said in an interview with CBS News.

    ‘I could’ve kept walking, but I was like, you know what?’ he continued. I’m not going to continue wandering because God wouldn’t want me to, therefore I took action right away.’

    ‘I was thinking about how I would want people to treat me if I were in that scenario,’ Perry added. More than anything, I’m relieved that the man is still alive. To be honest, I didn’t consider myself as a hero.’

    Perry told the media after receiving the car as a reward for his bravery, “Good does win.” ‘Good always triumphs.’

    ‘This is simply a wonderful example of how a young man took it upon himself to jump in and do the right thing,’ said Chicago Police Department Lieutenant Yolanda Irving of Perry.


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