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After her first spouse crashed her wedding to SAM ASGHARI, BRITNEY SPEARS was “furious.”

According to her counsel, Britney Spears was “extremely enraged” after her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, gatecrashed her wedding.

When the incident occurred, the singer, 40, was preparing to marry her now-husband, Sam Asghari, 28, at her house.

Jason was a childhood friend of Britney’s, and the two married after days of drinking in January 2004. After only 55 hours, she was able to have the Las Vegas wedding annulled.

Jason returned to Britney’s life at her wedding on Thursday, June 9, and filmed himself on Instagram Live saying that she is his “first wife” and “only wife.”

Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, said the pop star is “extremely enraged” that he tried to gatecrash the event.

He went on to say that Jason should be imprisoned.

“I am personally working with the sheriff’s department to ensure Mr. Alexander is aggressively prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law,” the attorney said, adding that Britney is safe.

Jason has been charged with trespassing, vandalism, and two batteries, and he is currently in custody.


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