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The fate of a househelp accused of stealing over Ksh.100 million from her employer will be known on June 22.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has objected to the release of a househelp suspected of stealing over Ksh.100 million from an out-of-jurisdiction employer.

The prosecution warned the court that if the househelp, Shellomet Kiprono Jerop, and her co-accused persons’ bond is not terminated, they will flee the country.

Caleb Nagomere Rasto, Agaziva Brain Kenneth, Jackline Minayo Kinzi, and Eunice Akinyi Moi have all been accused with the heist.

Rasto, Agaziva, and Eunice had been charged previously and had been released on a Ksh.7 million bond, which was eventually reduced to Ksh.1 million.

Jerop, who was apprehended in Eldoret town and led detectives to her hideout in Kabarnet, where she had rented a property, was found with items suspected to have been purchased with stolen funds, according to the court.

“Cash amounting to Ksh.372,000, US Dollars 20,200, miscellaneous electronics and domestic goods recently acquired including purchase receipt were recovered after the search in her house,” the court was told.

Trial Magistrate Elector Riany stated that she will rule on the case on June 22, and that she has issued a warrant of arrest for one of the defendants, Rasto, for failing to appear in court.


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