NGUNJIRI WAMBUGU explains why Mt Kenya Azimio lawmakers have refused to use RAILA ODINGA’s photo in their posters.


Ngunjiri Wambugu, a Nyeri Town Member of Parliament, explains why Azimio politicians in the Mt Kenya region have refused to use photographs of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on their campaign posters.

Ngunjiri, who is one of the Mt Kenya leaders pushing for Raila Odinga’s president in August, told media on Thursday that the leaders were seeking to set themselves apart from Raila Odinga by selling their agenda.

Many Jubilee Party contenders, according to Ngunjiri, did not want to be elected because of Raila, but because of their own qualifications and appeal to the voters.

“One of the things we want to fight is the idea that people should be elected based on their own personal standing so that we don’t get mixed up.” We’re attempting to instill that sense of personal accountability.

“By hiding behind specific persons, we don’t want to confuse voters,” Ngunjiri remarked.

He finished by noting that despite their refusal to include Raila Odinga’s photo on their campaign posters, Mt Kenya leaders are all behind him.


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