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The Irony Of Molo’s Dangerous Ditches As A Drainage Project Is Abandoned

Following the building of a drainage system to tackle chronic floods, residents near the Muchorwe shopping mall on the outskirts of Molo town have expressed worry about multiple ditches.

The project was initiated by the Nakuru county administration in early this year with a budget of Ksh9.1 million, but it was halted two months later.
Residents have expressed their displeasure with the number of children and women who have fallen into the ditches.

Youths who had acquired job opportunities during the drainage system’s development have likewise expressed their dissatisfaction with their dues.

The contractor has failed to meet its duties and complete work, according to Turi County Assembly member John Mwangi.

He stated that the county will seek legal counsel on the matter.

Residents have encouraged the county government of Nakuru to expedite the project’s completion.


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