DP RUTO says after an Infotrak survey revealed that he will be thrashed like a leased donkey in August by RAILA ODINGA.


After an opinion poll by Infotrak revealed that he will be heavily trounced by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in August, Deputy President William Ruto has finally spoken out.

Raila will receive 42 percent of all votes cast in August, according to an opinion poll released on Wednesday, with Ruto coming in second with 38 percent.

In response to the poll, Ruto accused the pollster of manipulating the results to help Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign.

Ruto, speaking at a Kenya Kwanza Alliance event in Mandera county, claimed he is convinced that he will win round one of the August 9th election, accusing the ‘deep state’ of falsifying poll results after sensing loss.

“They have gone to invent opinion surveys to show them the path because they are trapped, their system is blocked, the deep state and their agenda are all stuck.”

“I want Kenyans to know that we have beaten these people in every way possible.” With our strategy and manifesto, we have defeated them. “On August 9th, we will win in the morning,” Ruto said.


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