ANERLISA MUIGAI brags about renting a whole restaurant for her boyfriend’s birthday celebrations – Will their romance last, or will it end in tears?


Even when auctioneers broke into her home and attempted to auction her property, flamboyant Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has proven that she is still financially endowed.

She surprised her boyfriend Melvin by booking a whole restaurant for his birthday celebration.

Anerlisa shared a snapshot of Melvin eating a birthday cake on her Instagram stories, captioning it, “Too thrilled, you’d think it’s my birthday.” Is it because we reserved the entire restaurant for ourselves?”

Netizens reacted to the post by telling Anerlisa that she should stop trying so hard to satisfy men because most of them only want to take advantage of her.

“Babygirl works so hard to please guys who “love” her with all of her money, alafu wanampea karakta development aki…” It’s as though these men are aware of her urgent need for love and are simply exploiting her,” a social media user remarked.

After divorcing her Tanzanian spouse Ben Pol, Anerlisa fell in love with Melvin.

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