See how UHURU reprimanded RAILA ODINGA like a child when he said he would outlaw Mitumba clothing – BABA nearly passed out!!


Azimio– Raila Odinga, a Kenya Alliance presidential contender, released his manifesto on Monday evening, outlining ten objectives that he plans to implement within 100 days of entering power in August.

Raila Odinga said in his address that one of his goals is to prohibit the importation of second-hand clothing known as Mitumba, which could have been worn by individuals who are already deceased.

Raila has promised to restore the manufacturing sector so that shopkeepers can buy locally created clothing instead of secondhand clothing.

The former Prime Minister stated that he aims to accomplish so by expanding government assistance for the country’s cotton and textile industry.

Raila Odinga’s proposal to outlaw Mitumba, on the other hand, sparked outrage among Kenyans who rely significantly on Mitumba clothing.

Raila was allegedly summoned to State House by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday for claiming he would outlaw mitumba, according to former State House blogger Dennis Itumbi.

Uhuru Kenyatta, the chairman of the Azimio–One Kenya alliance, advised Raila Odinga to keep his mouth shut because Mitumba traders number over 2 million people, the majority of whom are genuine voters.

The President also told the Harambee House chiefs to use the media to undertake damage control since the Mitumba problem could cost Raila Odinga votes in August.


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