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MITUMBA traders want to meet with RAILA and RUTO to clarify their position on second-hand clothing importation.


The Mitumba Consortium Association (MCA) has requested an audience with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga after he stated that if he forms a government in August, he will prohibit the entry of second-hand clothing into Kenya.

The association also wants to meet with DP William Ruto to discuss his proposals to halt mitumba importation and encourage the local textile industry if he is elected president.

The group, led by Teresia Wairimu, stated that hurting the second-hand clothes business would not be likely to resuscitate the local textile industry.

“Killing the mitumba trade while promoting textile is giving with one hand while taking with the other. “We regret that the previous Prime Minister and the Deputy President relied on misleading information about used clothing,” Wairimu stated.

“As a result, we are seeking an audience with the two leading presidential contenders in order to provide them with accurate facts,” she continued.

Attempts to shut down the mitumba industry in Kenya, according to Wairimu, are based on spurious grounds.

She claims that the second-hand clothes sector promotes environmentally conscious consumption and makes a substantial contribution to Kenya’s economy.



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