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For being a threat to his ex-girlfriends, a man has been banished from the entire county.


A man named Obol Derick Otim has been forbidden from entering Cornwall, a county in South West England, by Truro Crown Court.

The verdict was handed down in a lawsuit brought by one of his ex-girlfriends, whom he threatened to stab. The 30-year-old man allegedly subjected the lady and another of his partners to horrible abuse and threats of murder.

During one of Otim’s rants, one of his victims was able to contact the other complainant, who witnessed Otim threaten, “I will fucking stab you with a fucking knife.” ‘I’m going to break your head.’

She recorded the calls and reported them to the authorities before he threatened to’slap her’ and that he wasn’t afraid of the cops. He allegedly continued his rage by walking to the knife drawer, giving his victim the impression that she was about to die.

The Judge, Anna Richardson, highlighted in her ruling on the case after Otim guilty to numerous counts that the confrontation with the first victim escalated while she was holding his kid. As a result of Otim’s out-of-control behavior, both victims were terrified and really afraid, according to Richardson.

She went on to say that, despite the fact that Otim had previously been in trouble, he had only ever received a fine, and that no work had been done to address his behavior.

He was also given a two-year prison sentence with two years suspended, as well as a five-year restraining order prohibiting him from visiting Cornwall or contacting his victims.

Here’s the complete impact statement from the victim:

‘When Derick did what he did, it confirmed everything I didn’t want to accept. Everything that I had known to be true and seen many times but never truly wanted to accept. When I answer the phone call that night it changed my life. I heard a terrified controlled and manipulated woman, that woman was once me. I felt sheer terror that all of the violence I had been a victim of over the years of my relationship with Derick had been filled with those same screams and pleas for help.

‘I felt fear at a level I had never felt, but this time not just for myself or for my children but for another woman and her child. Derick has never taken responsibility for his actions or his children, of which there are five. That is five girls that will grow up to become women. Hopefully strong and powerful women. That also will stand up and say no without question when there is injustice. Not just five more females that are statistics in Derick’s life.

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