DP RUTO and his associates are urged to respect police personnel by DCI GEORGE KINOTI – You should be happy for us!!


Deputy President William Ruto and his allies have been ordered to cease abusing police officers by Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti.

Ruto and his allies have been criticizing police officers for the past month, claiming that most cops are scholarly dwarfs whose main job is to hold firearms.

Kinoti, speaking at the commencement of digital skills training for 20 million residents on Wednesday, stated that just because most of them do not have the greatest academic qualifications does not mean they are unworthy.

“You make fun of our academics instead of praising our emotional intelligence,” Kinoti remarked.

He mentioned armed police officers who provide protection, stating they have emotional control and don’t react to everything.

“When you provoke that police officer who is ready to take your blood with a fully loaded gun, when all other conditions remain constant, he will most likely react,” he stated.

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