AMBER RAY slams her Sierra Leonean ex-boyfriend, Mwanaume ni pesa si mdomo, ndume suruali.


After a tumultuous separation, controversial socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray and her Sierra Leonean ex-boyfriend, Kabba, have been slinging barbs on social media.

Kabba recently came to social media to declare that Amber Ray, although being a high-end socialite, does not practice good hygiene.

She is said to dislike bathing.

After Kabba stated she doesn’t shower, Amber retaliated by posting a video of herself getting ready to shower in a bathtub.

She went on to say that despite his opulent lifestyle on social media, he is a broke man.

“Mwanaume ni pesa si mdomo,” says the narrator. “Ndume suruali,” says the narrator.


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