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The US administration has warned the government of UHURU not to buy stolen products from Ukraine – There will be fire!!

The US government has issued a warning to African countries, particularly Kenya, about purchasing stolen products from Ukraine.

Russia, which has been at odds with Ukraine for three months, is accused of taking grain from the country and shipping it to African countries via the Black Sea port.

The warning comes only weeks after Ukrainian officials reported that Russian military had taken 500,000 tonnes of wheat worth Ksh11 billion from Ukraine (USD100 million).

According to the allegation, Russian cargo ships were leaving from ports near Ukraine bound for African countries.

As the problem worsens, African governments will be forced to make difficult decisions about whether to reject stolen products or accept them in the face of rising living costs caused by disruptions in the global supply chain.

The warning comes after African leaders, led by African Union Secretary-General Macky Sall, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week to discuss the continent’s high food prices.

In his message to African leaders, Putin blamed the ‘West’ for disrupting the continent’s food supply.


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