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RAILA ODINGA claims that in his first 100 days in power, he will outlaw MITUMBA clothing since they have been worn by the dead.


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga Monday launched his manifesto and listed 10 agendas he will fulfill within the first 100 days of his administration.

In his speech, Raila Odinga said one of his agendas is to ban the importation of second-hand clothes commonly known as Mitumba, saying have been worn by people who are dead.

Raila said he will revive the manufacturing sector to enable traders to acquire locally made clothes to substitute the second-hand clothes.

Raila stated that he plans to accomplish this through expanding government assistance for the country’s cotton and textile industries.

“Mitumba annihilated our entire sectoral enterprise.” Our people exclusively wear garments that have been worn by persons who have died and have come from outside the country.

“We’re switching to primary manufacturing so that our mitumba importers have decent products to sell here.” I’m saying that we’re not going to put anyone out of business; instead, we’ll make sure that people that import mitumba receive first dibs on things that will be created in this nation.” Raila remarked



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