Prof. KITHURE KINDIKI deconstructs RAILA ODINGA’s manifesto, which said that in his first 100 days in government, he will ban Mitumba clothing.


Prof Kithure Kindiki, the Tharaka Nithi County Senator, has finally chimed in on Raila Odinga’s manifesto, which he released on Monday evening at Nyayo Stadium.

Raila Kenyatta revealed his 10 commandments in his Manifesto, called “My Promise to Kenyans,” pledging to revive the economy in his first 100 days.

Raila also promised that the cost of living would be reduced as soon as possible, and that future growth will be in the double digits.

He also pledged free education to Kenyans from primary school through university.

“This manifesto encapsulates our people’s ambitions and aspirations, and describes how they would like government business to be conducted on their behalf,” Raila stated.

Prof Kindiki, a prominent scholar, responded to Raila’s statement by calling the manifesto “underwhelming.”

“It was a repetition of the same old economic theories that have failed Africa over the century,” he said of the manifesto.

“There isn’t a single new idea.” There is no concrete plan in place to help the millions of Kenyans who struggle to feed their families on a daily basis escape the terrible poverty trap. “It’s just a rehash of the same old economic concepts that have failed Africa for the past century,” says Prof.


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