Mr LOGIC, a music producer, claims that 50% of feminists in our country are lesbians.

Multiethnic lesbian couple with hands on baby bump of pregnant woman relaxing with eyes closed at home. Expecting mother feeling baby kick with her best friend sitting on couch. Young mixed race woman touching belly of her girlfriend: assisted fertilization and ivf concept.

Mr. Logic, a music producer and radio entertainment critic, claims that 50 percent of feminists in Ghana are lesbians.

Most feminists, according to Mr Logic, see men as cheats, liars, and untrustworthy individuals, which leads women to become lesbians with one another.

He added that some of them are not into the act because they want to be pleasured but rather for the hate they have for men.

Speaking on Accra-based UTV, Mr Logic said;

“These feminists have an agenda. When you look at things, almost 50% of these feminists are lesbians. It’s the truth, 50% of the feminists are lesbians and I’m not retracting. It’s not my view, these are facts.


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