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If Kenyans just consider academic qualifications, GEORGE LUCHIRI WAJACKOYAH, a ninja with 17 academic certificates, will be our next President.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) allowed George Wajackoyah, the leader of the Roots Party, to run for president on Tuesday.

Wajackoya is anticipated to go off against William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and Raila Odinga of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya alliance party in the 2022 presidential election.

If elected President in Kenya’s General Elections on August 9th, the former street boy with 17 academic diplomas will become the country’s most educated leader. Wajackoya earned a post-graduate diploma in Migration Studies in December 2021, adding to his dozens of academic credentials that earned him the title of Professor.

Wajackoyah, the first presidential candidate to openly say that if he is given the opportunity to serve the Republic of Kenya as the fifth president, he will legalize marijuana, becomes the first Professor to run for the country’s highest office.

Wajackoya launched his candidacy for President in 2013, but then abruptly dropped out at the last minute.

A closer examination of Wajackoyah’s extensive educational background reveals that he did not earn the title of professor by doing nothing.

George Luchiri Wajackoyah earned his Ph.D. from Walden University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from Kenya School of Law.

He subsequently went to the University of Baltimore to get a master’s degree in law.

At SOAS University of London, he completed his second Master’s degree in Law (LLM).

This ambitious individual then went on to Walden University to get a third master’s degree in philosophy.

The Roots Party’s leader then went to the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom to study Masters of Laws Development.

At this point, schooling became quite appealing to him.

He returned to the United Kingdom to pursue a Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Wolverhampton, after which he moved to Burundi to pursue an Advanced Diploma in French at the University of Burundi.

Wajackoyah, who has picked Justina Wamae as his running mate for the 2022 presidential election, also has a Diploma in French from the Kenya Institute of Administration.

He also attended World University Service in the United Kingdom, where he studied Economics and Refugee Law.

He studied Kenyan Laws at Riara University.

At Maastricht University, he earned a Postgraduate Diploma.

He completed the Legal Practice Course LPC at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom.

At the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies, he earned a Certificate in Comparative Laws (SOAS).

Wajackoya studied Criminal/ Civil Litigation at the American Heritage University of Southern in addition to law.


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