Huyu mtu ana sura mbaya, he can’t be your MP – BABU OWINO says his main opponent is too ugly to be MP


Babu Owino, the controversial Embakasi East MP, will run for re-election in the August 9 General Election.

The boisterous legislator, who boasts about his academic achievements, has mastered the skill of dismissing his perceived opponents.

Due to his goatee, Owino referred to Cosmo Choy, the front-runner in the 2022 presidential election, as a ‘beberu’ (Swahili for he-goat) in October 2020.

Cosmo Choy, who had declared his intention to defeat Babu in the General Election on August 9, had to abandon his campaign.

On Monday, the ODM legislator mocked a long-time rival who has showed interest in running for the Embakasi East parliamentary seat despite losing in 2017.

Owino said his opponent, Francis Murreithi, is too ugly to lead in a post on social media that he later took down.

He claimed that a leader must not only be brilliant on the inside, but also have an inspiring appearance, something he claimed his fiercest competitor lacked.

“Wangu jameni wangu wangu wangu wangu wangu wangu wangu wangu Hana akili na sura pia ni mbaya hana akili na sura pia ni mbaya hana akili A leader’s appearance must be inspiring. Sura nyeti, sura nyeti, sura nyet (I’m convinced it’s my opponent.) He is both intellectually and physically deficient. A leader must have an enthralling appearance!) ” he wrote, beside a photo of Mureithi.

Babu is set to face Francis Mureithi, who is running for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Babu has insulted not only his rivals, but also individuals who oppose Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition.

Last month, the lawmaker slammed Nelson Havi, the former head of the Law Society of Kenya, alleging that his intellectual capacity is far greater than his.


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