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The DP serves a living God, according to a clergyman, who was invited to State House by UHURU to plan evil against RUTO.

President Uhuru Kenyatta invited a Kiambu county pastor to State House in Nairobi to plan evil against Deputy President William Ruto, according to the pastor.

Pastor Richard Kamau of St Paul’s Mother Church in Kabete said he was approached by a leading Kiambu preacher and told to travel to State House to devise a strategy to counter Ruto’s growing popularity in the Mt Kenya area.

On Sunday, the pastor, speaking in Ruto’s presence, said he declined to travel to State House because he didn’t want to persecute the man of God.

“Recently, the Bishop asked me to counsel someone who had been summoned to the Kiambu County Clergy Forum. When I inquired why I was being requested to send the clergy to the State House, I was informed that it was because he had been in the church for a long time and that we should find a way to deal with him (Ruto).

“I knew it couldn’t be rectified because he had been sent to me by the Bishop for guidance.” Those who did not recognize God’s glory early on are now struggling at the last minute. This isn’t feasible. “Do not be deceived,” Kamau said, without naming anyone.

He further said that the team insisted on accompanying him to the State House, but he declined.

“They questioned when I was going to State House when I told them it wasn’t possible.” I inquired as to what we were going to perform; however, we had already completed that task.

“With the Deputy President here, let me tell you right now, if you want to go to State House, wait until August 9 and go with them,” he continued.


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