Nairobians scramble for’rejected’ bread, milk, and tissue papers in these trying times.


Some Nairobi vendors have been scouring the Industrial Area for food and home-goods companies to buy’rejected’ goods for resale.
According to Mwanainchi Reporting, they are commodities that do not fulfill production standards in terms of shape and size, but are safe to eat.

Bread, diapers, milk, and even tissue papers are among the items.

These dealers are making quick money selling these items at low prices in estates like as Kaloleni, Shauri Moyo, Makongeni, Bahati, Pipeline, and other regions.

Loaves of bread and milk are among the fast-moving products from these, according to Mwanainchi Reporting.

According to several of the traders interviewed, demand has increased as a result of the price increases in bread and milk since February of this year.

Agnes Kimani has been in the industry for a long time.

“These are just typical loaves of bread,” she added, “but they come out in unusual forms, which is why they sell to us at lower costs.”

“I come here every evening since most people are going home, and I leave early because there are so many customers.” “Those selling milk follow the same pattern,” she added.

Due to the lack of packaging on the loaves of bread, dealers are compelled to purchase plain polythene papers as a substitute.

A sack of such bread costs between Sh400 and Sh500 depending on the bakery, while a 250ml packet of milk costs Sh20 or less, three pieces of diapers cost Sh30, and tissue paper costs Sh15, according to another trader in the Makongeni neighborhood.


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