Google humiliates KARANJA KIBICHO by claiming that RUTO’s Kirinyaga rallies were staged.


Karanja Kibicho, the Interior Principal Secretary, told Citizen TV last week that Deputy President William Ruto had no support in the Mt Kenya area.

He said that the DP has been photoshopping images of his rallies in order to demonstrate his popularity in the vote-rich region.

Kibicho, who was speaking with Waihigia Mwaura, used Ruto’s rally in Kagio town, Kirinyaga County, as an example, claiming that the images were ‘photoshopped’ to show a large audience.

“I saw a snapshot of my town, Kagio, where three automobiles cannot pass side-by-side on one road. However, their photographs revealed that their demonstration had a 2 kilometer-wide mob on the same road.”

They are not photoshopped, as alleged by PS Kibicho, according to a Google fact check.

A Google Lens search of the image returns you to Ruto’s social media handles, demonstrating that the images are genuine and have not been sourced from anyplace else.

Photos of the Kirinyaga rally, like many of the DP’s other shots, were taken with a wide-angle lens and from a high vantage point.

It is incorrect to suggest that such images were edited or modified in this circumstance because the cameraperson used his or her talents to obtain a photo that suited their needs.

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