Struggling socialite MISHI DORAH sued after failing to pay Sh 150,000 bill in a posh city club – Here is a breakdown of how she accrued the bill in hours.


Mishi Dorah, the former star of Nairobi Diaries, was prosecuted in a Nairobi court after she failed to pay a large bill at a luxury club on Mombasa Road.

Dorah is accused of spending over Ksh 150,000 on food and drinks at Golden Ice Bistro Club and failing to pay the bill.

She allegedly placed an order for two chicken breasts worth Sh3,000, one cocktail drink worth Sh2,000, two bottles of 300ml coke worth Sh500, a one-liter bottle of mineral water worth Sh400, and three bottles of Redbull energy drink worth Sh1,650.

She also allegedly ordered six bottles of Belaire Luxe 750ml worth Sh75, 000 and seven bottles of Hennessy VS 750ml worth Sh70, 000, which she shared with a group of friends.

When she was told she had to pay the bill, she claimed there was an issue with her bank account.

The club’s representatives escorted her to her residence to pick the money, but she did not have the money when they arrived.

She asked for a deadline of Monday this week to pay the money, but she did not follow through on her pledge.

She refused to take management calls, causing them to report her to the Akila police station.

The cops were able to trace her down and apprehend her.

Before principle magistrate Monicah Maroro, she disputed the charges and was released on Sh50,000 cash bail and a Sh 100,000 alternative bond.

The case will be mentioned on June 16th, 2022.


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