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To get a child, the pastor makes a “infertile couple have SEX” on the church altar.

After a photo went viral of two people resting on each other on the church’s altar while a minister and numerous church members put out their hands towards them, a church has reacted.

The couple had been trying for a child for ten years without success, according to reports, and when they went to the church for help, the minister asked them to have sex on the altar in front of the congregation.

The church, which is based in Brazil, has responded.

According to the church, the photo depicted two women, not a man and a woman.

They responded by saying that the woman had been ill and had passed out during the service.

As a result, following the sermon, a pastor summoned the ailing woman and “performed this prophetic deed.”

According to the church, asking a female minister to lay on top of the sick woman was inspired by a Bible chapter in which Prophet Elisha lay on the body of a dead boy while pleading to God to restore his spirit.

Many have gone on Facebook to declare support for the church and for its Minister — a woman who is quite popular as a religious leader in Brazil.


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