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Rada reacts to her fiancée’s comments that she is a weirdo who enjoys seeing him having sex with other women.

Rada Blackson, Michael Blackson’s fiancee, responded fast when her soon-to-be husband referred to her as a “freak” who enjoys seeing him sleep with other women.

Raquel Harper, a Ghanaian-American comedian, claimed that Rada is a “freak” on It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper, and recalled a time when their friendship had more individuals involved.

“My daughter Rada is a freak,” he claimed. She used to adore seeing me sleep with ladies… and she still does!

“In reality, what makes her cum [is] when I tell her what I did with the last person when we’re having sex.”

Rada describes living a fulfilled life on Instagram, stating she came into the world alone and will go alone because everything else is a waste of time.

She went on to call the interview ‘false’ and ‘one-sided,’ claiming that it was ‘glamorizing something that really isn’t.’

“I came into this world alone, and I go alone; everything else that happens in between is fleeting,” she wrote. That’s a fulfilling existence if I can keep my intellect and senses stimulated till I can’t live any more. PS: All you phony one-sided interviews glamorizing something that isn’t there.

Michael Blackson isn’t the first person to make an odd claim about his relationship with Rada.

He recently stated that Rada has given him permission to have one side chic per month, but that she will not allow him to have a guy by her side.


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