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One year after his Kikuyu ex-wife deserted him for a tycoon, DADDY OWEN finally stops simping by removing his wedding ring.


Owen Mwatia alias Daddy Owen, a well-known gospel singer, divorced his wife Faridah Wambui in 2021, just four years after exchanging vows in an extravagant ceremony.

After Owen’s earnings diminished, Farida allegedly deserted him for a tycoon from Gilgil.

Despite being in the midst of a contentious divorce with his ex-wife, he refused to take off his wedding ring.

“I stayed with it because as a male, I never shy away from problems or troubles,” Owen remarked when asked why he was still wearing his wedding band after his wife dumped him. I’m like a bull, and I’m going to take it on head on. The truth is like a lion, ikitoka imetoka najua sahii kama ni kwa jungle nitapigana ((once it’s out, it’s out, and I’m ready to battle in the jungle)”

He has since reversed his decision and removed the ring.

He was seen sans the ring in the most recent photographs he shared on social media.

Owen explained that removing the ring was a personal and spiritual decision for him.



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