Home News Kalonzo has officially dropped out of the presidential race.

Kalonzo has officially dropped out of the presidential race.


Kalonzo Musyoka, the head of the Wiper Party, has announced that he will not run for president in the August 2022 General Election.
The Wiper Democratic Movement claimed in a news release on Friday that Kalonzo will not give his documents to the IEBC on June 4 as planned.

The announcement comes just a day after Kalonzo expressed his support for Raila Odinga, the candidate of the Azimio – OKA coalition.

Kalonzo said he decided to put his dreams on hold for the benefit of the country while speaking at a joint rally with coalition members on Thursday.

“I’ve come to realize that our country’s destiny rests on our shoulders. I’ve decided to postpone my plans to run in the August elections “he stated

In the Azimio-OKA government structure, the Wiper Party leader also accepted the job of chief minister that had been assigned to him.

“I have decided to accept my nomination as Chief Minister in the Azimio coalition with humility and gratitude.” “It’s not a question of whether we’ll win; it’s a question of when we’ll create the next administration,” he remarked.

He also congratulated Martha Karua, the leader of the Narc-Kenya Party, on securing the coalition’s running mate post, and pledged his support.

As a result of Kalonzo’s official withdrawal from the race, he will not be subjected to the IEBC’s ongoing screening of Presidential candidates.



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