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Forget about CS JOE MUCHERU and PS KARANJA KIBICHO’s ‘false’ NIS report, since RUTO discloses the’real’ Intelligence that shows RAILA is pursuing him aggressively.

Deputy President William Ruto has urged Kenyans to disregard so-called NIS Intelligence that predicts Azimio nominee Raila Odinga will win the August presidential election by more than 60%.

Joe Mucheru, the ICT Cabinet Secretary, claimed that intelligence from government institutions has revealed that the former prime minister will defeat the presidential candidate of the United Democratic Alliance in round one.

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho backed up this claim, saying that data in their possession reveals the ODM leader has a 60 percent popularity rating in the contest for State House.

“We don’t speak from our hearts; we speak from our heads.” So, if you asked me what the data says today, I would give you the truth because you are entitled to my opinion as a public servant. According to intelligence data, it’s 60% in the first round,” Kibicho added.

With 69 days till the General Election, Mucheru and Kibicho’s emotions may have compelled DP Ruto to come out and convince his supporters that he is still the most popular candidate.

Mucheru and Kibicho, Ruto stated on Thursday in Makueni during the Kenya Kwanza alliance economic event, should be ignored because they are young officials with no access to actual NIS intelligence.

“I am Kenya’s deputy president.” “It comes to me when the president receives the intelligence report,” Ruto added.

True intelligence data shows that Ruto is leading the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party presidential flag bearer by 8%, according to Ruto.

“According to our intelligence assessment provided by NIS, Kenya Kwanza is 8 percent ahead of our competitors,” Ruto remarked.

Government officials who doubted his information were challenged by the Kenya Kwanza alliance supremo to make the report public if they are certain the opposition boss is leading the race.

“I’d like to challenge the public officials, if they’re serious about what they’re saying, let them reveal the NIS report they’re referring to,” he added.


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