Six Kenyans are set to be deported from Zimbabwe after illegally entering the country.


After unlawfully entering Zimbabwe from South Africa, six Kenyans are being kept in detention for deportation.
According to sources, Musa Abdullahi Hussein (44), Mohamed Abdille (43), Ali Mohamed Abdi (37), Hussein Harun Bullo (34), Muhamed Abdirahman Issack (34) and Ibrahimbashir Durow (34) were apprehended on May 27 when crossing the border into Zimbabwe from South Africa.

On Monday, May 30, they appeared in a Zimbabwe court to face allegations of breaking the country’s Immigration Act.

They negotiated a shady arrangement with “a fictitious immigration officer” who stamped two passports and travel documents for a price during the hearing, according to the court.

Officers detected bogus Zimbabwean immigration date stamps at a security checkpoint shortly after they crossed the border.

They were convicted guilty and given a warning not to repeat the offense.

The porous border, according to sources, serves as a crossroads for illicit immigration into South Africa.

According to reports, the syndicates take advantage of corrupt border officials in both countries to “smuggle desperate immigrants.”

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