Rev Kathy Kiuna Reveals The Secrets To A Happy Marriage In ‘Listen To Her Heartbeat.’


Reverend Kathy Kiuna has given couples guidance on how to strengthen and improve their marriages.
Kathy, who is married to man-of-cloth Allan Kiuna, opened her Thursday Instagram post with some marriage facts, claiming that marriages are rarely simple.

She believes that rather than arguing with one other, couples should join forces to weather storms together.

“At times in marriage, things may not go as smoothly as a couple thought and prayed for, when it appears as if everything has turned upside down & things look overwhelming and frightening,” Rev Kathy wrote on Instagram.

“This is when the pair joins their hearts and minds and decides to ride out the storm together,” says the author.

Kathy, who leads a successful church ministry with her pastor husband, feels that marriage should be a source of strength for each other, especially when circumstances are tough.

“One thing to remember about marriage is that we are not always strong. When your husband’s faith is waning and his morale is low, it’s necessary to stand up for him and restore his optimism “she continued.

“When your wife’s spirit and excitement are low, it’s essential to support her and assist her in reviving her spirit. “Iron sharpens iron,” as the saying goes.”

Rev. Kathy, appearing to allude to their story of rising from the mud to the top of Kenya’s social and economic ladder, stated that marriage is about a couple complementing and building each other up.

“Build one another up. Be there for one another for that is what marriage is about. Learn to know when your spouse needs encouragement and a lift in their spirit. When your wife has too many things bothering her, listen to her heartbeat,” she added.

According to Rev. Kathy, it is the little things in marriage that make the whole clockwork tick, such as coming home a little early to keep your wife company.

 “It may entail you coming back a little earlier than usual to keep her company and help brighten her mood. 

“The wife will also do good to learn how to take care of her husband’s emotions when his ego has taken a beating outside and when he is under pressure, especially financial pressure,” Rev Kathy added. 

“Every couple is a team. We win together, we learn together and we win some more!” 

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