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MR SEED praises his wife NIMO for being by his side and shares flashback images with her.

Mr. Seed, a well-known singer, has resorted to social media to praise his lovely wife Nimo for remaining by his side even when things became rough.

The musician, who has a soothing voice, shared flashback photographs of the two of them walking together and urged his followers that everything is possible.

Seed dated Nimo before he became one of Kenya’s most popular musicians.

She believed in him and supported his ambitions, and now they can look back on their accomplishments with pride.

“Thank you for riding along with me and believing in me, my love.” “You have always been at my side, God bless you so much, and I adore you,” he said on Instagram.

Nimo once paid his rent when his residence was locked, Seed claimed in an interview last year. He was so poor that he couldn’t even purchase meals.

He also claimed in the interview that he had lost hope in music and had low self-esteem when he met Nimo.

She, on the other hand, encouraged him to keep going, and he was able to gain confidence as a result of her.

Here are some of the throwback photographs he shared in which he praised his wife for being a “ride-or-die” woman.


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