MARGARET KENYATTA, the First Lady, is as cold-blooded as President UHURU – See what she did to RUTO’s wife, RACHAEL, at Uhuru Gardens, which sparked outrage among Kenyans.


The Madaraka Day celebrations yesterday were full of drama, which got Kenyans buzzing.

From President Uhuru Kenyatta snubbing his Deputy, William Ruto, to First Lady Margaret Kenyatta utterly disregarding the DP’s wife, Rachael Ruto, Kenyatta has broken convention. In short, the second family’s day was not going well.

Margaret’s obvious disregard for Ruto and his wife Rachael Ruto in broad daylight astonished Kenyans.

As she was heading to her sitting area, the First Lady passed past where Ruto and Rachael were standing and went straight to sit. She however greeted those next to her and then sat.

While reacting to his social media pages, Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria went bare-knuckle on President Kenyatta and his wife for humiliating Ruto’s family, saying the Head of State’s wife’s gesture amounted to an abuse of authority and a bloat to Kenya’s image to the outside world.

Other leaders allied to Ruto also hit out at Uhuru for snubbing the DP during yesterday’s Madaraka Day celebrations, accusing the President of turning a national event into an Azimio campaign platform.

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