KANINI KEGA praises UHURU for ignoring RUTO during the Madaraka Day celebrations – He received the punishment he deserved.


Even as supporters of Deputy President William Ruto continue to lash out at President Uhuru Kenyatta for violating tradition by not allowing the Deputy President to speak at yesterday’s Madaraka Day festivities, Kieni MP Kanini Kega has praised the president for his actions.

While clarifying the situation, Kega stated that the president is always the chief guest at any national event in the country, and that it was perfectly within Uhuru’s authority to run the day’s program as he saw proper.

According to Kega, there was nothing incorrect with Uhuru’s business practices the day before.

He asked Ruto’s supporters to quit moaning and accept the situation as it is and move on.

In most national events, the Deputy President serves as the formal Master of Ceremony following the entertainment, ushering in the principal guest and then the nation’s President.

However, as the Jubilee administration prepares to hand over power to the next regime, Ruto did not even get an opportunity to say hello, let alone tell Kenyans farewell, during this year’s Madaraka Day Celebration.

Following the entertainment part, the Head of State assumed command of the event by welcoming the primary guest, Sierra Leone President Julius Bio, and then launching into his address.

Other leaders and dignitaries were also recognised by President Kenyatta, but not his deputy.

“Before I speak, I’d want to invite the President of Sierra Leone to make his remarks,” Kenyatta stated.

As the succession politics heat up, Uhuru and Ruto have become bitter rivals, frequently engaging in public spats.

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