In Migori, a teacher’s body was discovered in a well.


The death of a teacher in Awendo, Migori County, is being investigated by police. The teacher’s body was discovered inside a shallow well in Awendo town on Wednesday morning.
Mathias Pombo, the police chief for Awendo Sub-county, said they are still investigating what happened before the 24-year-old teacher at Tom Mboya Secondary School died.

Mr. Pombo stated that they are awaiting the results of an autopsy in order to proceed with the investigation into the deceased.

“At this time, we are unable to determine whether he drowned or was slain and placed there; only an autopsy will be able to tell us,” he said.

Three days prior, a Sony Sugar Company employee was killed and his body was deposited near the Awendo Sub-county Hospital.

Locals have reacted to the fatalities, expressing alarm about an increase in occurrences of insecurity in the area.

During the Madaraka Day celebrations on Wednesday, Migori County Police Commander Mark Wanjala said they are working on improved procedures to deal with incidences of insecurity in Awendo, Rongo, and Suna East.

“Three recent incidences of robbery and gang rape have been reported by a band of thugs that has been wandering around,” he claimed.

Mr.Wanjala said they have heightened patrols in insecurity hotspots and called on the members of the public to work closely with the police to avert cases of insecurity.


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