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The ‘massive’ political rallies of RUTO have been revealed – See how the DP has been making small crowds appear larger in order to stay politically relevant?


As the secrets behind his purported massive rallies are revealed, Deputy President William Ruto has nowhere to escape.

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho claimed during an interview that the photographs released by Ruto showing large crowds at political rallies are faked.

He pointed out that the images are doctored to give the impression that Ruto has a large political following when, in reality, he does not.

The Interior PS claims that information in their possession suggest the DP is trailing severely in the presidential race, thus they have chosen to give the impression that they have a support base.

He used a rally in Kagio, Kirinyaga County, as an example of how the DP and his crew edited the photographs to make it appear as if there was a large turnout when, in fact, there was not. The inside PS’s hometown is Kagio.

“There will be those who will make a lot of noise and do a lot of retouching… I saw a snapshot of my hometown, Kagio, where three automobiles cannot pass side by side on one road. “However, their photographs indicated that their march had a 2 kilometer-wide crowd on the same road,” Kibicho said.

“That is the development of a perception that is distant from the facts,” he added.



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