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See how MIKE SONKO attacked Mombasa elders who said he was unfit to be the county’s leader.
30th of May, 2022

Mike Sonko, a Mombasa gubernatorial candidate, has criticized Mombasa elders who think he is unfit to rule the county.

Mike Sonko has opened multiple pubs in Mombasa County, according to the elders who spoke on Monday, and they are all perpetuating evil in the society.

The elders also blasted a group of Mombasa officials who are campaigning in the coastal city for Mike Sonko.

Sonko, on the other hand, wrote on his Facebook page that Mombasa belongs to all Kenyans and that the elders have no moral power to decide who should run for county leadership.

Sonko also urged elders to first order the closure of all pubs in Mombasa that allows homosexuality.

This is what Sonko wrote.

“Watu wangu I pray that No weapon formed against you shall prosper, you will surely see the glory of God in your life, your life will be a testimony of God’s grace, things are turning around for you in the name of Jesus Christ.

The expectation of the wicked one has been turned upside down, the power of God is at work in your body, family, finances, job, business, etc.Fear is defeated, God is standing tall in you. May the spirit of God fill your life, may you have a rich fellowship with him, I pray for you today that wherever you go, that you will succeed,may His grace increase in your life.

Everywhere you go, you will be the light giver,an encouragement to people and may He give you favour everywhere. I pray that God will give you the wisdom to guide and guard you in everywhere.

May you increase and multiply in your business. I pray that He will command His Angles to take charge over your destiny according to His Promise. May God help you to fullfill your divine calling without reproach…

I know I’m blessed to be the next incoming Mombasa Governor and no weapon against me will prosper.

In Jesus might Name Amen” 


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