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During the COVID period, comedian Flaqo claims to have earned Ksh.20 million.

Flaqo, whose real name is Erastus Otieno, now claims to have made Ksh.20 million during the Covid-19 era.
In an interview, the comedian said that he had a slew of endorsement deals on his plate during the pandemic, many of which paid handsomely.

“I think inaeza kuwa imefika 20M during COVID,” Flaqo said. “I’m not sure because I haven’t been doing those calculations, but when I look at my data, it has reached that level.”

“I was putting out ad after ad, taking any work that came my way, and people were paying me money left and right.”

Flaqo further revealed the reason why he has put his social media presence under wraps, saying that he needed “to take a break” to remodel his action plan on content creation.

“It has been almost a year since I stopped shooting, and I took the break because there are a few things I needed to change so that there is improvement in my content,” he said.

“And now I have gone through so much growth, I have learnt so many things, I have become more mature and perception of life has greatly changed.”

He divulged that he has been sharing previously shot videos that would create an impression that he is still active and also to keep his social media accounts running.

The comedian became popular through his Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Akoth skits.


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