Even if RAILA ODINGA defeats DP RUTO in August, KUTUNY explains why DP RUTO will be sought for like gold.


Joshua Kutuny, a Cherangany Member of Parliament, has forecasted how Deputy President William Ruto will be treated if Raila Odinga wins the presidential election on August 9th.

Kutuny advised Rift Valley locals not to discriminate against leaders from the North Rift who are not in Ruto’s UDA camp, while campaigning for MP Silas Tiren in Moiben on Thursday.

Kutuny used Raila as an example, saying that if Ruto’s UDA party gets a large number of elected leaders, the chances of Raila searching for him after the August results are high.

“We never voted for Raila Odinga, yet he is now the President of Kenya.” It’s impossible to predict what will happen to Ruto tomorrow. If he is beaten and his UDA party (yellow) gains more MPs, he will be the most sought-after leader above the other in the green party (Martha Karua).

They will grovel to him, pleading with him to assist the government in passing laws through parliament. They’ll go after him, and he’ll go after them.

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