Even CATE WARUGURU is kicking herself for voting for RUTO since she now thinks RAILA will win the August event.


Deputy President William Ruto may lose the August presidential election to Azimio candidate Raila Odinga and his running mate, Martha Karua, according to Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru.

Waruguru told Ruto to set his home in order during a rally in Laikipia East, warning that if he doesn’t, the Azimio wave will sweep across the UDA-supporting region.

“Azimio have organized themselves. They have unity and will have access to unlimited funds from the government, while those in UDA walk around declaring that they had the party ticket and were just waiting to be sworn in. This will not be an easy battle,” Waruguru stated.

At the same time, Waruguru warned Ruto not to put his faith in his Mt. Kenya team, claiming that they will lose him the presidency.

She specifically advised the DP not to rely on former Laikipia Governor Joshua Irungu, area Member of Parliament Amin Deddy, or Senator John Nderitu Kinyua, claiming that doing so would cost him votes.

The three, according to the Ruto-allied MP, conspired to rig UDA primary in their favor, causing her to lose the party’s candidacy to incumbent MP Amin Deddy.

Waruguru singled out Irungu, who is seeking a political comeback, as the main person behind the manipulation of the primaries. She accused the former governor of being a betrayer.

“I publicly campaigned for Irungu yet he was the first to betray me and rig my votes. If these are the kind of people you rely on, then Azimio will outsmart you,” she warned the DP.

At the same time, the Woman Rep vowed to disobey Ruto, saying she will not support the six-piece voting pattern as advocated for by the DP, vowing to give the aspirants fierce competition.

“I do not see the suit (six-piece voting) thing coming to play, we will agree as Kenya Kwanza to support Ruto at the top but on the ground, we will speak our minds. Irungu, Kinyua, and Deddy, we are on your case,” she noted,


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