Home Entertainment The Relationship Between Rick Ross and Hamisa Mobetto Is Confirmed.

The Relationship Between Rick Ross and Hamisa Mobetto Is Confirmed.


Rick Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, has announced that he is dating Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto.
The revelation was revealed during an Instagram Live session on Wednesday, when they were replying to a fan’s inquiry about whether or not they were dating.

“They (fans) want to know if we’re dating,” Hamisa said, and Ross replied, “Yes, she’s mine.”

Hamisa also reminded the 46-year-old rapper of his promise to provide her mother cows as dowry.

“Remember when you guys talked about my mum wanting cows?” Hamisa posed for the camera.

“Here dowry is paid by cows and she always asks where are the cows and I’m like ‘I’m gon’ talk to him’.”

The two have been dodging claims that they are in a romantic relationship maintaining that they are just good friends.

“To be honest, there is a connection but then I’m going to leave it to her to explain the nature of the relationship we share,” Ross had said at a past interview. 

“She is such a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit and a huge entrepreneur I want to help her take it to the next level because she is doing a great job and I’m proud of her.”

Rick Ross, renowned as ‘Boss’, started to show interest in Hamisa after commenting on her photos with flirtatious emojis. 

They eventually started hanging out together, in exotic destinations including Dubai.



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