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President Kenyatta: I Pray That We Accept Regardless Of Who Wins In August.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged politicians seeking elected seats in the August elections to accept loss in order to guarantee a smooth transfer of power.

The Head of State, who has already named Azimio La Umoja as his chosen successor, warned on Thursday during the National Prayer Breakfast gathering in Nairobi that politicians should not inspire voters to incite violence after losing.

“I wish everyone who is competing the best of luck,” President Kenyatta said, “knowing that there will always be one winner, and our prayer is that we will accept and be able to move forward and fight another day.”

He also promised to hand over authority to whoever comes out on top in the polls.

“We are well aware that the pace of our politics is quickening by the day. We all know that the responsibility of constructing a nation is passed down through the generations. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do,” he declared.

“My sincere hope is that the unity of purpose and shared humanity that we’ve seen today will continue to shine through in all aspects of our life in the future.”

“My wish for all of you is peace,” the President concluded. My goal for you all is that you will emerge from this election much more united and stronger than before.”

The Parliament sponsored this year’s prayer breakfast, which took place just over two months before the country goes to the polls, with the theme of ‘Transitions.’

The church was in charge of the proceedings, with only a few politicians taking the stage.

Bishop Dr. David Oginde of the Evangelical Association of Kenya, Reverend Dr. Jeremy Marambi of the SDA Church, and Shrimati Sujata Kotamraju of the Hindu Council of Kenya were among the clergy in attendance.

The keynote addresses were given by ACK Archbishop Dr. Jackson ole Sapit, Roman Catholic Archbishop Anthony Muheria, and Dr. Sheikh Abdullahi Bundid, Chairman of the Association of Muslim University Chaplains.

Deputy President William Ruto, Chief Justice Martha Koome, and other invited international dignitaries and local officials were among the government officials in attendance.


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