DP Ruto defies protocol by inviting Karua to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast.


Deputy President William Ruto defied protocol on Thursday by inviting Martha Karua to speak at the national prayer breakfast before him.

When DP Ruto was called to the podium to speak, he invited Karua to speak in the absence of his presidential race rival Raila Odinga.

He apologized for breaking protocol despite the fact that Karua was not scheduled to speak at the event.

“In absence of my brother Raila Odinga I’m going to ask my sister Martha Karua so that she can come and make some few remarks, allow me to break that protocol,” said Ruto.

Karua ignored the protocol blunder and instead called for peace ahead of the General Election and a peaceful transition of leadership.

She thanked Ruto for calling her to the podium on a lighter note, eliciting applause. 

“I’m here on behalf of Raila Odinga. Mine is just to appreciate this initiative to bring the nation together,” Karua noted.

“We definitely will have peaceful elections, a peaceful transition and a nation that stands together. God bless us all. And thank you William for inviting me to speak.” 

Before proceeding with his speech, Ruto returned to the microphone and praised Karua for handling the “ambush” with poise.

“Thank you Martha I’m sorry if I ambushed you, but you have given a good account of yourself and I am sorry people of protocol if I have messed in any way.”


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