Wiper Leaders: Without Kalonzo’s Support, Raila, Ruto Cannot Cross 50% Vote Mark


Leaders of Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Party now claim that if Musyoka pursues his presidential quest or fails to back any presidential candidate, Kenya will be obliged to have new elections in August.

The lawmakers, led by Matungulu MP Stephen Mule, claim that without Musyoka’s support, neither the Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga nor his Kenya Kwanza rival William Ruto will be able to win the presidency.

There have been discussions about luring Musyoka back into the Azimio coalition, which he left after losing out on the running mate seat to NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua.

“This decision of coming back to Azimio is the deciding factor in this election,” Mule said on Tuesday during Citizen TV’s Day Break show.

“If Kalonzo muscles up his troops across the country and moves forward to run for presidency, I can assure you that neither Raila Odinga nor Kalonzo Musyoka can get the 50+1 percent. It’s a fact.”

While citing recent opinion polls which have been projecting both Odinga and Ruto’s popularity at slightly below 40 percent, Mule argued that the figures were higher before Odinga gave the running mate post to Karua.

“Before the naming of the deputy president by Hon. Odinga, they were at par at 42 percent, which included Kalonzo’s support. When he pulled out, the numbers changed to 39, and it affected Kenya Kwanza’s numbers as well,” said Mule.

“It tells you that the determining factor in this election is none other than Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.”

Mule was among the Wiper Party leaders from the lower Eastern region who on Monday announced that they have resolved to work with the Odinga-led coalition under what they described as structured dialogue.

He went on to add: “As Wiper leaders we are very clear; we are campaigning for a government led by Hon. Kalonzo, backing Hon. Odinga and running mate Martha Karua.”

His comments came amid numerous calls from not just the Wiper party but also Ukambani region professionals and the clergy, who have been beseeching Musyoka to shelve his presidential bid and return to Azimio.

Asked whether they have engaged Kalonzo directly about the return, Mule told the host Trevor Ombija that Kalonzo, who is currently on a week-long UK tour, has agreed “for the sake of Kenyans”.

“He said that Kenya is bigger than an individual and he is willing , for the sake of Kenyans and for the sake of winning this election early enough, to consider this decision,” he stated.

He added: “He will join the Azimio team on the campaign trail once he returns to the country. This time round, no conditions, it is Azimio’s turn to know how they will replan themselves. The condition now is uniting Kenyans.”


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