As villagers starve, Mandera West MP ADAN HAJI YUSSUF introduces a multi-million dollar campaign cars (PHOTOs)


Adan Haji Yussuf, a Member of Parliament from Mandera West, has sparked outrage on social media after unveiling his multi-million campaign cars.

The politician, who was elected on an Economic Freedom Party (EFP) ticket in 2017, owns a fleet of branded high-end vehicles, including Prados and Landcruisers.

Kenyans slammed the politician for failing to improve the lives of his constituents, some of whom are starving to death.

“They get the votes, flee to Nairobi, and return after five years.” “I hope they would drill boreholes,” one Twitter user said.

“I thought you were coming with borehole drillers for your people to have water or perhaps nurses for these buildings operating as hospitals,” another said in response to the photographs.

Mandera is one of the drought-stricken counties.

The majority of the inhabitants are food insecure.

Unfortunately, the leaders they elect vanish to Nairobi, only to reappearance five years later to seek votes.


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