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Police have identified the woman who defecated in the midst of a cosmetic store and are urging the public not to blame actress AMBER HEARD.

A suspect defecated in the middle of a beauty store in Wichita, Kansas, according to police.

On May 10, a surveillance camera caught the “poopetrator” pooping in an aisle of the Mid-K Beauty Supply on East 21st Street.

“The feces was substantial enough that eight wigs were damaged as a result,” according to police.

After the incident, the woman walked away, leaving her crap in the middle of the store.

“For the good of all of you,” Wichita cops remarked, “we are not posting the footage of the offensive fecal assault.”

The woman’s identity was likewise not revealed, but authorities stated they had confirmed the identity of “public enemy number 2.”

The department wrote in the comments, “We’ve already established that this is NOT Amber Heard, so please stop phoning and emailing that information.”

The actress’s remark comes while she and her former partner, Johnny Depp, are facing charges in court.

After an argument during Amber Heard’s 30th birthday party in April 2016, Depp testified that he felt she defecated on his side of the bed, blaming their canines, Pistol and Boo.


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