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My LOVER has let me have one side chic per month, but he will never let me have another man.

Rada, who is engaged to comedian Michael Blackson of Ghanaian descent, has explained why she allowed him one side chic every month.

When Michael proposed to Rada last year and she accepted, he said that even though they are getting married, she has agreed to let him have one side chic per month.

In a new interview, Rada explained that she made the decision because she’d been in other relationships before and found them to be uninteresting after a while. To add “excitement” to their relationship, she decided to let Michael have side chics one at a time.

When asked if he would allow Rada to have a sidekick, Michael stated that he would not.

He stated that he does not want another “penis” in the relationship, but Rada is free to engage in sexual activity with another lady.


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