Even after choosing Iron Lady MARTHA KARUA as his running mate, RAILA was stunned when RUTO and GACHAGUA defeated him handily in the last opinion poll.


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s choice of former Gichugu MP Martha Karua as his running mate may be giving him second thoughts.

Despite having the Iron Lady on his side, Deputy President William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua defeated him handily in recent opinion surveys.

The Ruto-Gachagua ticket will defeat the Raila-Karua ticket in the first round of the presidential election, according to two separate Twitter opinion polls.

According to the first poll performed by political analyst David Makali, DP Ruto will win the August elections with 56 percent of the vote, while Raila Odinga would receive only 39 percent.

In the upcoming elections, 5% of the 33,722 participants declared they will not vote for either William Ruto or Raila Odinga.

According to a new poll done by The Star, William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua are still more popular than Raila Odinga and Martha Karua.

Out of the 70,210 people who took part in the survey, 50% indicated they would vote for Ruto-Gachagua in the August elections, while 43% said they would vote for Raila and Martha Karua.

3% of respondents back the presidential ticket of Kalonzo Musyoka and Andrew Sunkuli.

If elections were held today, 4% of the participants indicated they would not vote for Ruto, Raila, or Kalonzo.

After both the top presidential candidates formally disclosed their running mates, Makali and The Star conducted their polls.

Ruto will receive 50 percent plus one vote in both surveys, as required by the constitution for a winner to be declared in round one.

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