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Why do we need more creatives in Congress?
More celebrities should be represented in parliament.

Mathare Aspirant Bahati, Imenti South Aspirant MC Jessy, Lang’ata Aspirant Jalang’o, Woodley Kenyatta Golf Course Ward, and DNG Ngibuini are among the celebrities who have already purchased tickets.

• In February of this year, Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie sponsored The Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2021.

More and more creatives have expressed interest in various elective positions in the General Election of 2022.

Mathare Aspirant Bahati, Imenti South Aspirant MC Jessy, Lang’ata Aspirant Jalang’o, Woodley Kenyatta Golf Course Ward, and DNG Ngibuini are among those who have already purchased tickets.

However, there has been some worry over whether previous administrations had an impact on the creative industry.

The National Assembly enacted the Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2021 in February, which was co-sponsored by a creative, Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie, and Gladys Wanga, Homabay Women’s Rep.

A number of revisions were made to the measure, providing copyright holders and musicians additional power and control over their works.

Copyright holders and musicians will be entitled to at least 52 percent of the revenue produced from the sale of their music via ringback tones, according to the Bill.

“What I’m trying to do is give the artists ample room to negotiate and maneuver,” John Kiarie explained.

After President Uhuru Kenyatta signed it into law, Starehe MP Charles Kanyi nicknamed Jaguar turned to social media to express his joy.

Jaguar stated that he was a member of the lawmakers that watched the Bill pass through numerous interactions.

Prezzo, a rapper, was among the musicians that chastised Jaguar for failing to support artists during his five years as a Member of Parliament.

“Do you want to tell me that there are no artists in Starehe, where he (Jaguar) performs? Because the tongue is such a powerful weapon, you should think twice before speaking “he continued.

Later defended himself, claiming that he did not go to parliament to support musicians.

Word was told by a few creatives. More representatives in parliament are required.

Jessy told that, in addition to helping the people of South Imenti, he aims to introduce and support the Creative Industry Economy Bill in parliament.

“I’m known as a comic,” he explained, “but I don’t have an identity.”

He claims that the Kenyan Creative Economy Council will offer artists a voice.

“All other professions are controlled by the government,” he said, adding that journalists have a media card from the Kenyan Media Council.

“It will act as an industry regulator, removing the need for comic Eric Omondi to camp outside Parliament to lobby for airtime. We don’t need any more drama.”

Njugush, a comedian, said:

“We need people who understand the pain areas in all industries. Who’s talking about sports these days? When do our athletes go unpaid and without sufficient training equipment and facilities? People who have been through it are needed.”

Njugush went on to say that creatives who entered politics had little impact on the entertainment business in particular because their priorities were their constituents’ demands.

“Art and entertainment aren’t at the top of their priority list.”

Some creatives tried, according to gospel singer Daddy Owen, but they need more than one politician in parliament.

“I used to be on the board of a musician organization, and I can tell you that the creative business has more challenges than meets the eye. Young, energetic politicians who recognize the importance of the creative industry to the economy and to society’s youth.”

Nobody has the deep stick to measure what even senior politicians have accomplished, according to actor Dennis Mugo aka OJ.

“My argument is that simply because someone is a singer, actress, or whatever else, that status should not be used to criticize them or to dismiss or dismiss them. Voters must pay attention to the issues being discussed.”


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